Confined to barracks!

Well the only reason I find myself writing this - right in the middle of the busiest time of year - is that sadly I've got little else more important to do. I sustained a freak injury at work some 6 weeks ago and so I've been unable to work since. Basically I've torn my calf muscle, nothing really to worry about - it will recover, it'll just take time.

The annoying thing is that it simply came out of nowhere and there's seemingly nothing I could have done to prevent it! We were filling up a skip with the last few barrows, so there was a ramp leading up inside. It meant trotting up the ramp with the barrows of soil and something i've done hundreds of times before, only on this occasion as I pushed off at a run from the bottom of the ramp, I suddenly felt my calf give way. It was as if I'd been hit on the back of my leg by a rubber ball - at least that was the immediate sensation - I even turned round to see if there was anyone there, before the realisation of what I'd done sunk in.

I was actually okay for the rest of that day hobbling around, but strangely as soon as I'd got home (thankfully I could still drive at that point) and got out the shower, it was suddenly unbearable and swelling enormously. So that was me, confined to the sofa and there I was to stay for the next few weeks!

At first I was completely despondent, only too aware of the effects this would have on my business. I'd had to literally abandon the job I was on, mud everywhere, both the neighbours fences down etc - the Landscaping equivelent of being caught with your pants down! And also - and if you've had the misfortune to to be rendered suddenly immobile you'll know what I mean - I was dealing with the shock of having a complete lifestyle change.. I mean I couldn't even make myself a cup of tea, because having to hop everywhere meant I'd promptly spill it!

After a few days however I'd adjusted. I consumed 'The girl with the dragon tatoo' trilogy and began to devour a few other books and films in earnest, I'd forgotten how much I loved to read! However once the novelty of this indulgence passed I began to realise the enormity of the opportunity that had presented itself and began to throw myself into the things on my admin 'to do' list that seem to have been there from time immortal.

So I set to - sorting out promotions, subscriptions, portfolios, referrals, even got my head around google sketch-up, the result being that I now feel more on top than I ever have done. Furthermore I've had time to spend reflectively - 'goal-mapping' they call it - and had the chance to re-set habits and routines in a far more positive way. Not that I'd wish 6 weeks immobility on anyone, but every cloud does have its silver lining..

Saying that.. I can't wait to get back to work!